Our Production

 Tool Design and Construction

Injection Molding

Numerically controlled machines tone our raw materials into shape

Injection molding machines from the German world market leader
Like our tool shop, our injection molding machinery is designed to meet the technical requirements our specialized tools bring.
Here, our numerically controlled machines shape what our modelers designed before.
High shot weights and injection mold capacities allow us to also produce large figures in multiple-cavity molds and thus to provide an economic advantages to our customers.

Being able to produce round the clock in three-shift operation, we can manufacture also large quantities on short notice.

Centrifugal Casting

For hollow and thick-walled plastic figures

Our centrifugal casting fabrication is tailored towards the production of hollow and thick-walled plastic bodies.
This manufacturing method is also suitable for smaller lot sizes.

We use centrifugal casting for our savings boxes and large three-dimensional figures measuring up to 70 cm in height.

Blow Forming Equipment

Blowing plastics on specialized blow forming machines

Low-cost savings boxes and hollow three-dimensional figures are mostly produced from thin-walled polyethylene or polystyrene.
This manufacturing method demands special requirements from the mold design and construction and is usually suitable for larger quantities - starting from 10,000 pieces.

This manufacturing method is best suited for price sensitive, simple hollow figures in large quantites.

Printing Shop

Printing according to customer specifiaction

All figures of our product line can optionally be printed with corporate symbols.

Our printing shop is equipped with tampon printing machines which can fulfill very different requirements.
To be able also print onto "problematic" materials like polyethylenes, polypropylenes and similar, our printing shop comprises a corona system for "preparing" the area to print the logo on accordingly. Harder materials like hard plastics, metals, ceramics or glass are printed on with two-component print colors which are hardened afterwards.
A dedicated department in our company deals with print preparation. Here the printing templates for fixing the part to printed on during the printing process are made. Also, the films for printing plate manufacturing are prepared and the metal or plastic printing plates are typeset in this department.
A great number of very different tampons and specialized print colors also allow for the realization of highly complex print jobs.

With our know-How we determine the ideal printing technology for each material and every application.
Tampon printing machine


With their skillful hands and their trained eyes, our painters create unique pieces of art every day

Handcraft by our highly qualified and motivated employees
Where would Alfred Fischer be without their painters?

Still today, Coburg and its surroundings, reaching as far as Thuringia, accommodates a good many major ceramics and doll manufacturers. Thus, artistic painters have traditionally been trained in this area and successively passed on their knowledge and skills from generation to generation.

More than 40 painters in Bavaria and Thuringia account for the promotion figure "shining" in their desired colors.